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A/C Preventative Maintenance

by RentasPuraVida on August 2, 2019
A/C Preventative Maintenance

There are good reasons to have regular preventative maintenance performed on your air conditioning units, especially in Costa Rica. In the northern or southern parts of the world where you have a hot season and a cold season, a/c maintenance is recommended once per year. However, here in the coastal tropics, where the air is very humid and salty and it is hot all year long, maintenance is recommended every 4-6 months, depending on how often your units are used.

If you live in your house or condominium, you should have maintenance performed every 4 months. If you visit on the weekends or rent out your property less than 50% of the month, then every 6 months should be sufficient. If your property is oceanside, it is important that your outside units are not positioned where the sea breeze hits them directly, they should be blocked as shown in the image of the unit above.

There are several reasons regular maintenance is important:

  • Increased efficiency – our technicians will make adjustments to your units that will ensure your units are running optimally. Your unit will run with less stress, prolonging its useful life and it will produce colder air.
  • Cleaner Air Quality – Changing or cleaning the filters regularly is important in our zone. The humid air and tropical environment produce many allergens and small insects that fill our filters more quickly.
  • Lower Electric Costs – Costa Rica has high energy costs to begin with. A machine running at peak performance uses less energy.
  • Fewer Service Calls – Regular maintenance can find potential issues before they become a more expensive problem or having your unit fail while you or your guests are staying at your property.

When preventative maintenance is performed, our experienced HVAC technician will do the following:

  • Clean evaporator and condensing coils. Dirty coils reduce the systems ability to cool efficiently, causing the unit to run longer and will increase your energy costs.
  • Clean filters. Dirty filters impede airflow which will also increase energy costs and can do damage to your equipment. This can also be done monthly by the consumer to get even more benefit.
  • Check and adjust your refrigerant level. If your refrigerant level is too low or too high, this also can cause damage to your unit and increase electricity costs.
  • Clean and adjust blower components. Reduced air-flow causes less comfort and can also lead to an increase of up to 15% higher energy cost.
  • Inspect electrical connections. We check that connections are tight and measure the voltage to motors. Bad connections can cause damage to components.
  • Lubricate moving parts. Friction will increase wear and lower efficiency.
  • Inspect condensation drain. A clogged or obstructed drain can cause water damage to your house and increase humidity.
  • Inspect support brackets. In our humid and salty environment, metal brackets can lose their integrity from oxidation and become weak, risking the collapse of your equipment. We will repaint brackets if necessary and recommend replacement if there is a risk of failure.
  • Recommend and perform repairs. If our technician finds and issues with your system, we will provide you with a quote for repair.

Regular maintenance can mean the difference in your units lasting 4 years or 10 years and keeping those energy costs down. Call us today to schedule your property! We service the areas of Punta Leona, Quebrada Ganado, Tarcoles, Herradura, Playa Hermosa, and Jaco. We also provide a/c repair, installation, and sales.

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